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Good Taste! My new informal dining club

"Eating Out" was my first thought for the name, but I thought that might be a bit too much of a savory/unsavory double entendre. I am relatively new to the Bay Area but this is my new permanent home.

I work as a concierge/front desk agent at a cool historic hotel in downtown, very close to Union Square, the gate to Chinatown, etc. There are so many fabulous restaurants here and I love cuisine, wine, etc., and would like to dine out more so I can speak with firsthand knowledge to my guests and recommend restaurants. But being new I haven't developed a big group of friends yet, and dining alone is just not as fun. So I thought I'd see if some others wanted to get together, maybe twice a month or so, and dine at a different restaurant each time. I thought of posting this to this group since the Mission is known for its superabundance of amazing eateries. I can make reservations for us using Open Table or Restaurant Row, as is my wont. I like all types of food, honestly I don't think there's a single type of cuisine where I haven't found a single dish I can get with (I love sushi and sashimi, love Italian and classical French cooking, Mexican/Cuban/Salvadoran, LOVE German food and beer, etc).

I guess I don't really want to impose any restrictions as far as selecting the kind of people I'd like to dine with - I'm just thinking a very informal and casual thing where we get to eat some great food and meet some new people at the same time. I can do anything from a dive bar to a five-star, cloth-napking-and-sommelier type joint; I can dress up and I can dress down. My profile and list of interests will of course give you a sense of who I am. I'm really looking forward to getting to know this amazing city better. I live in Oakland but commute to downtown SF daily by BART for work (and am looking to move into SF proper soon, especially after being mugged/assaulted near my house the other night).

We've planned our first meet-up/group dining experience for Monday 11/23 at 8pm; inquire within for details. LET'S EAT!

You can view the Google Groups page I've started for us here.

Thank you for your support

glam aka Tony
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