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Come to the Cabaret!

Coming to you from the heart of the mission - Vagabonadge brings you the Big Gay Cabaret to celebrate the Homo Holidays! Come and enjoy an amazing array of fabulous performers making music and taking off their clothes and kickin it cabaret style in honor of Pride Month. The night is for anyone who is ready to get down and celebrate their queer family. All are welcome. Come rock out. Also - please repost and spread the word - it would be the most wonderful thing ever!

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AT http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/68027
Featuring burlesque from Lola Vauntz! Poetry and accordions from Nomy Lamm! The erotic delights of Bearlesque! Foot stomping rowdy heartbreakin' music from Vagabondage! plus all the way from the Rust Belt the ruckus raising dixieland jazz clowngirl herself, Waltzing Matilda the One Beer Prophet.

The Big Gay Cabaret

June 5
doors 7:30
show 8pm
$10 - 20 sliding scale
The Dark Room
Mission @ 19th

Some delightful images and information from just a few of your performers....
Aw - our bear is shy. But wait until you see what's under all of that fur! Mrrow. I mean... GROWL!!!

Nomy Lamm
An American singer songwriter and political activist. Lamm describes herself as a bad ass, fat ass, Jew Dyke amputee. We also know her as one hot shit accordion player and poet... welcome to the stage madame!

Lola Vauntz

Lola Vauntz likes to think of herself as a semi-naked comedienne. Her witty and wacky burlesque performances have audiences not just wolf-whistling but also howling with laughter.

Waltzing Matilda the One Beer Prophet
A train hopping, tough talking, sweet sounding, whiskey drinking accordion player from the Rust Belt, she's been known to swoon people along every coast with her talents. She's only in town for a bit - so be sure not to miss this once in a lifetime show.

Your hosts and general social deviants are so excited to be putting this shindig together. A musical duo from a past that never happened – Vagabondage will usher you into a realm of accordion, guitar, kazoo, hindsight prophecies, and phone calls from dead lovers on sultry nights.

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