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Room Available in a Great Queer Mission Apartment!

A repost from my gf and two friends. It's a great apartment... hardwood floors, Victorian, big kitchen, lots of natural light, LARGE bedroom, close to public transportation and a park, great people!


We are 3 fabulous queers/dykes in our late-20s to mid-30s looking for another queer/genderqueer/trans person for our flat in the Mission District.

We are 1/3 cheesemonger, 1/3 public school teacher, and 1/3 computer programmer. We like each other and we want our next roommate to be someone we like (and who likes us too). Of course, we do have lives outside of the apartment and hope you do too.

We are looking for someone who is responsible and employed but also fun-loving (and did we mention queer?). You don't have to have everything figured out, but you should have something that you are excited about. You should be respectful and reasonably quiet (complete silence not necessary). We like to hang out and laugh, but this isn't a party house (smoke-free). You are neat but not a neat freak, and are willing to do chores on a rotating schedule. We are interested in creating a more communal household, sharing some food and meals (CSA?); it would be great if you were into that too.

The room available is large (12 x 15) and has two windows, and a nice-sized closet. There's also a comfortable living room with a built-in bookcase, a kitchen (primarily vegetarian) with a dishwasher and your own shelf, a (very) small outdoor area with room for plants, and some storage. The apartment has a washer/dryer and room for you to store your bike.

We have two beautiful cats. Unfortunately our landlord won't let us have any more, so you should love cats, but not have any of your own.

The room is available Dec. 1. Rent is $800. Contact 2502house at gmail dot com
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